Proposal site: how can design and other practices create different interactions between people in contested spaces?

How do these spaces function, and what are the social and historical factors that come into play? How can (most recently) design and other allied disciplines and people who practice find common ground to intervene in social wicked problems working with communities in tangible ways especially emphasizing design and social innovation?

In more conceptual terms borders are interfaces between people, communities, knowledge. What we design and communicate has an effect on culture and changes practices. “We design our world, while our world acts back on us and designs us.” (Willis, 2006) Design changes culture and therefore how we practice should be informed through a critical perspective that is inter- or transdisciplinary. For me this includes the social sciences.

Kefalonia Greece: "Living Histories" oral history project and website completed.


United States: Davis Gallery- exhibition and program: "Design for Civil Society: Fostering Dialogue for Completely Human Agents." Center for Design and Material Culture University of Wisconsin (Madison). Lecture February 15.

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Book chapter-Springer Series "Frontiers of Sociology and Social Research.""Rethinking cultural probes in community research and design as ethnographic practice." 



In review:"Reflexive Research as a Framework for Design and Social innovation " 

MODE: "User Experience as Human Scale: Applications in Education and Contextual Research."


Swiss Design Network:"The use of borderwork: approaches and framing in reconstructing critical interdisciplinary and community engagement in design education and design and social innovation." The Common Good.


"Interdisciplinary Service Learning as a Critical Knowledge Transaction Space in University-Community Engagement," The Educational Forum.


"Expanding on the capabilities of cultural probes through interaction principles for long-term interventions in communities " University of Rome ESA Qualitative Research Network Conference. Rome Italy 2021.-go here


"Epistemological Synergy: Futuring As Sustainable Enactment Through A Public Sociology." European Sociological Association: presentation Manchester, UK. -go here


Exhibition and exploratory research in Chengdu China and hosted by A4 Museum December/January. -go here






Design and social innovation lab completed in Greece.


Prepublication with Dr Maria Patsarika: "Strategies for an Interdisciplinary Critical Service Learning Engaging Social Sciences and Design"-go here for full paper.


Exhibition- Centre de design, Montreal.

Article for publication Centre de design, Montreal.-go here






Open Education Global Conference Technical University, Delft. Paper/presentation with Dr Maria Patsarika.




Presentation/paper co-author with Dr Maria Patsarika, "Interdisciplinary Collaborations as Tools for a Public Sociology." Hellenic Sociological Society, Athens University, Athens, March 28 2018.


Solo exhibition in United States at Charlotte and Phillip Haynes Gallery, Wake Forest University. Catalog introduction by Elizabeth Guffey.

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Lecture Wake Forest University March 1.


Panel and presentation at CAA LA on situational design.

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Solo exhibition in Thessaloniki with Dukakis Center and the Institut Francais Allatini-Dassault Gallery.


Work from Kefalonia featured at Greek Ministry of Culture in Athens.




Sponsored studio with the National Civil Rights Museum, Dr Derek Ham lead. Physical exhibition design for VR experience regarding Memphis sanitation worker's strike and Dr King's legacy in Memphis.


Upcoming presentation in Malakopi Arcade Thessaloniki on research and practice supported by ACT and

NCSU. Work of Greek, US students and other stakeholders.


NCMNS collaborative studio featured in poster session North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences.


Panel and presentation NYC CAA in February on issues of 'disability' and inclusion, with colleagues Russell Flinchum and Helen Armstrong.



Design and Social Innovation five-week project completed with students in Greece.


New work in Thessaloniki with

Dr Maria Patsarika

and students.


Seminar at Wake Forest University, January 13 United States.


Featured lecture and graduate student workshop at Swinburne Univ Melbourne AUS, late November.



Exhibition: May: Cairotronica- Ministry of Culture, Palace of the Arts, Cairo, Egypt. Sponsored in part by Leonardo/MIT.

Exhibition: May: Ionion Center for Arts and Culture. Cephalonia, Greece.


Workshop and lecture, Institute of the Ionian Islands.


Exhibition: May: Ionion University Corfu, Greece.


Design and Culture 8.2: Re-reading the Toolbox: Dourish and Implications for Design- July.


The basic idea can be found here


















Design and Culture: "Design and Academe" (Helen Armstrong co-editor).

Lecture: Notre Dame University, 11-28



Two issues dedicated to design education and social innovation. First article: "Transition Design: A Proposal for a New Area of Design Practice, Study & Research," Terry Irwin, Head, School of Design, CMU.


Panel- Paris- Descarte University April 22.


Swinburne University:

November 18-25, more to follow.


Lecture: April 24 School of the Art Institute Chicago, Mitchell Lecture series: Borderhacking: Visual Stories, Networks and Information.


Complexity and Control the New Design Paradigm, will be out in June in Design Philosophy Papers.



New projects in Belgrade and Florence have begun. Both regions grapple with becoming part of a larger 'whole' of the EU, which is still being determined and negotiated. The projects will be realized in November and January. The projects use new mapping applications and methods previewed at the AIGA conference in Hawaii in December 2012, with Steven McCarthy and Sheila Levrant de Bretteville.


Lectures at QCA in Brisbane AUS.



The Berlin project "Your Imaginary Country: the Berlin Wall and the Southwest Border Initiative" has now concluded in Texas. Thanks for your interest.

Human Capital- an exhibition and audience based interaction at the McColl Center for VIsual Arts- Charlotte, USA
Charlotte, North Carolina, USA

- January through March 2011-


Six-channel video installation will be installed at the Digital Arts and Entertainment Lab in downtown Atlanta, Dec. 1- 31: this is an experiment in a large public projection context. It is based on additional work on the theme of "Human Capital."


Also- Design and Culture Lead article is out:


And: the final installment of "Your Imaginary Country" in Mexico at the Juan C. Mendez Fototeca- (exhibition opening July 7 through August 28) has now concluded. Thanks for your interest.



and also: GD 400 class on Identity and Community book is back from the printer (it's still got the trim marks): click



and also: the Memefest workshop results ("socially responsive" does not necessarily equal "oppositionality") from our group in Nijmegen: what happens when the strategy is applied indiscriminately-