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Read about Thessaloniki, one of our study sites in the New York Times.

36 Hours in Thessaloniki Greece’s second city is filled with remnants of its multilayered past, but sprinkled among the monuments are plenty of modern diversions.


Students are introduced to methods and examples of "design and social innovation," We research and work in local communities to create designed solutions.


We currently work in Greece in Kefalonia and in Thessaloniki.


The first offering as a trial program began in 2017 in Kefalonia Greece. 2019 will be in Kefalonia and also in Thessaloniki, the second largest city in Greece. Both sites have institutional support from local colleges and are connected to a network of local stakeholders.


The basic idea is that communities already have a considerable amount of expertise developed in context to leverage problem solving and design to address design problems and through a mix of alternative resources.


Recognizing that, designers work with and leverage those abilities within the community. Students develop a better understanding of methods, tangible outcomes and possibilities in designing in a participatory way with communities. This fundamentally changes your orientation to "design" in general and affects your eventual practice after graduation. The general framework for this is based on other leading designers/researchers and design institutions in the US and abroad such as:


• Elizabeth Sanders


• Ezio Manzini and DESIS network


• Lara Penin (Transdisciplinary Design Parsons).


• Carnegie Mellon and the "Transition Design" program.



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